Establishment of Hongfa Mold Branch



Establishment of Hongfa Mold Branch

Recently, Hongfa Mold Center and Xiamen Jinyue Company's mold branch were integrated to Hongfa Mold Branch. This integration will help to deeply implement the core concept of "winning with quality", firmly adhere to and inherit Hongfa's "good relays need good components, good components need good molds" and the series of important guiding principles formed from it, continuously build a strong core competitiveness of Hongfa molds, and promote the long-term stable development of Hongfa Group.


Hongfa Mold Branch will be guided by the actual market demand of various products, closely cooperate with the group's parts enterprises, equipment enterprises, and finished product enterprises, and create differentiated production and technical service capabilities to adapt to the different needs of various categories of products in different stages of new product development and mass production, laying a solid foundation for the development of various categories of products in Hongfa Group.